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Sunday Morning Messages of 2019

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The sermon featured about 9½ minutes of this YouTube video on Darwinism. The part featured begins about 15 minutes into the video.

Feb. 17 & 24 services were not held because of the weather.


We were blessed to have Juan, an elder at OBF, share his message on the importance of prayer. Thanks, Juan, for your inspiring words and testimony.

Here are the links to the sermons Pastor referred to in his message: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and 30 reasons for Speaking in Tongues

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What's happening at OBF

A New High Five Pastor video: 'The Snow'

Pastor Shea reflects on that frozen precipitation that we were richly "blessed" with this winter and what the bible teaches us about snow!

A Time for Prayer

Each Sunday morning at 9:20, we gather to pray for each other and our church and for our community and nation. This time grew out of our summer gatherings on our church land. Join us as we seek God’s healing and guidance and praise Him for His favor and blessings. God is good all the time! For the story behind the rock in the photo, check out the High Five Pastor's video The Big Rock.