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MESSAGES of 2013:

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NOTE: You may need to wait a minute or two while the MP3 file loads! Some MP3s, especially those with video segments, have been edited for clarity.

No messages posted for Dec. 15 and 22. Dec. 15 was
 our Christmas program, and services were canceled
Dec. 22 because of the weather.

13-1208 How Do We Recognize God

13-1201 Kingdom of Heaven vs the World

13-1124 Learning to be Grateful

13-1117 Ron & Linda Wilson

Audio quality varies. Here’s an additional word from the Wilsons about how something as simple as a well of clean water affects a community and blesses the church: The family of God.

13-1110 The Gift of Service

13-1103 After an Enemy Attack

13-1027 Pastor's message

(Pastor appreciation Sunday)

13-1020 How to Live Life

13-1013 Doug and Mickey Simmons

13-1006 Ebenezer

13-0929 The Great I AM

13-0922 Your Will and God's Work

13-0915 Heaven, Our Eternal Home

The video about Colton Burpo’s experience in Heaven can be viewed at the 700 Club Interactive’s YouTube site.  Click here to view it.

13-0908 Don't Mess With Hell

13-0901 Aggressive Faith

13-0818 Jim & Judi VerHoef

13-0811 Intimidation

13-0804 Issues of Living in Faith

13-0728 30 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues

For a list of the 30 reasons in Pastor Shea’s sermon, call Pastor at 306-1144.

13-0721 Is Christ the Only Way to be Saved?

13-0714 The Fellowship of Maturity

13-0707 The Fellowship of Healing

13-0630 Fellowship of Faith

13-0623 Positive confession

13-0616 The Complete Church Member, part 3

13-0609_Special music-Larry-Jacobson

13-0602 The Complete Member, part 2

13-0526 Guest speakers Jim and Judi Ver Hoef

To order Judi’s upcoming book, “Five Keys to Becoming a Victory Christian,” or to learn more about their ministry, e-mail them at

13-0519 The Complete Member

13-0512 Being a Member of the Body of Christ

13-0505 Getting Prepared

13-0428 Message not available due to technical problems

13-0421 Pilate

The first 6 minutes, 19 seconds includes an audio segment of a Biography Channel program on Pilate. The show is online at

13-0414 Guest speakers: INSTE students

Open Bible members Aaron Deal and Juan Carbajal

13-0407 Growing

13-0331 Meaning of Resurrection

13-0324 Commitment before the Victory

13-0317 Guest speaker: Evangelist Jeff Peterson

13-0310 Prayer workshop

13-0303 Sermon not available due to technical problems

13-0224 Maintaining a True Faith

13-0217 God's Plan for Your Life, Part 2

13-0210 God's Purpose for My Life

13-0203 Jephthah

13-0127 No services; canceled due to weather


13-0120 Evil Leadership, Gideon, Part IV

13-0113 Godly Leadership-Gideon, part III

13-0106 Power Methods-Gideon II

Part one of the series on Gideon began in late December.

12-1230 Sermon: God’s People of Valor (end of 2012)

Prayer Walk

Those interested in taking part in the prayer walk are invited to listen to the following messages from George Otis, who spoke at the Aglow International conference recently.

George Otis Jr., Part 1

George Otis Jr., Part 2

13-1229 A message in a genealogy

A Sunday school presentation about the genealogy of Adam to Noah. MP3 file to come.