Open Bible Fellowship
Ankeny, Iowa
2014 Messages

Presented February through March

1st Teaching: Prelude to the Truth

To view the video shown during the message click on this link:
Apollo 13 Arrives Safely Home

2nd Teaching: Once Saved Always Saved?

3rd Teaching: Homosexuality and Sensuality

4th Teaching: Will All Be Saved, Is There a Hell?

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Pastor’s sermon notes
Sheol and Hades References in the Bible

5th Teaching: Does the Holy Spirit No Longer
Work in the Same Way?

6th Teaching: Do We Need To Become More Jewish?

7th Teaching: When Will The Rapture Be?

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Jan 25: The Way of Excellence

To view the YouTube video of Lars Andersen click on the following link: Lars Andersen

Jan. 18: Building a life through the prophetic, part 5

Jan. 11: Building a life through the prophetic, part 4

Jan. 4: Building a life through the prophetic, part 3

Dec. 28 A Prophetic Christmas, part 2

Dec. 21: Christmas

Dec. 14: OBFChristmas program

No audio available at this time.

Dec. 7: A Prophetic Christmas

Nov. 30 The Coming of the Messiah

Nov. 23 The Truth is Coming

Nov. 16  Faith and Thanksgiving

Nov. 9: Our Excellent Adventure

Includes the trailer for the movie “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” available online.

Nov. 2: Taking on the True Character of Christ

Oct.  19: Alliances

Oct.  12: Up Close and Personal

Oct.    5:  Truth and Thorns

Sept. 28: Different Opinions About God

Sept. 21: Dreams

Sept. 7: The Small Stuff

Aug. 31: Intimacy With God

July 27: Faith and Doubt

May 11: People Who Help Us Grow

April 27: Breaking Curses

April 20: Everything With Christ

April 13: How Many Chances?

April 6: Seeing From the Redeemer's Eyes

Jan. 26: According to His Will

Jan. 05: It's All About Jesus

Sunday  School messages

Series on church membership and discipleship. Part 1 is titled How to Live in the Church

June 29 Caring & Involved

June 22: Loving Others

June 15: Becoming all
we are to be

June 8: How we are to be


Who was St. Patrick?

Who was St. Columba?

Special speakers

Aug. 24: Tom Stamman

May 24: Jim and Judy Verhoef

March 16: OBF missionaries Mike and Nancy Juntunen

Feb. 16: Evangelist Jeff Peterson

Jan. 19: INSTE Students

Series: Becoming All We Can Be ...

Aug. 17: ... Through God’s Power

Aug. 10: ... Through Faith

Aug. 3: ... Intentionally

July 20: ... Specifically

July 13: ... Through Unity time.

July 6: ... Through Our Barriers

June 29: Go for it

Series: Dealing with Demons

June 22: Part 4: God’s War

June 1: Dealing with Demons, Part 3

May 18: Dealing with Demons, Part 2

May 4: Dealing with Demons Part 1


Our Friday night services
(in English & Spanish)

Oct. 24 service


General messages

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