Open Bible Fellowship

Ankeny, Iowa

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The following discipleship study books have been developed within our church and can be purchased on  The have been developed by Pastor Shea who has a masters degree in Biblical Interpretation.  They have been available for mass crusades and other churches.  Printed copies are available also for individual purchase of $10 each or less for mass amounts.

The Foundational Christian Studies is a Bible study designed to give the new believer a quick and easy over all start in building an understanding of some of the most important doctrines for a Christian. Be sure to read the preface first.

How to Live in the Church is a study on relationships within the church and the "polity" or "governmental" structure of a church as to how a church is to operate according to scripture.

These Two Studies studies above we use as a membership requirement, because we want to be sure every member in our church understands the basic doctrines and knows how to understand the church and have good working relationships within it.

How to Live as a Disciple takes the discipleship training to the next step.  This study deals primarily with attitudes that make or break a person as a true disciple of Jesus.


 Our church also has INSTE Bible College classes available for those who would like to pursue more in depth Bible training to use in service to the Lord with Level one INSTE.  Those who feel called to leadership in ministry may be able to take the Level two INSTE accredited Bible College classes which can also give a BA in Bible.